At the end of the XIX century and the beginning of XX century a wave of Syrian and Lebanese immigrants came to Colombia with their culture and gastronomy. It was such the immersion of these immigrants in the north of Colombia that “comida árabe” (Arab food) became part of the local and traditional food in the region.

I have the fortune of having an aunt of Lebanese origin that cooks heavenly, so I grew up eating Tabbuleh, tahineh and fried quibbes. A reason why a have a fixation with this kind of food, and also why Zatar became one of the must-go when I’m in Bogotá.

Zatar, Bogotá

Zatar, Bogotá

Zatar is a well located restaurant at the Zona G (remember La Paletteria?) in Chapinero Alto, far from the luxury and pretentiousness of some of the restaurants in Zona G. Its owners renovated an old garage and turned it into a small and cozy space that even has a small terrace with tables. The menu is varied and rich with possibilities, from wraps to more elaborated dishes and plates to share and try a little bit of everything.

I specially recommend the beef wrap (Wrap de Lomo) with its caramelized onions and fried cauliflower and the Zatar Prawns (Langostinos Zatar) with an spectacular Tamarindo and tahineh sauce an weird but delicious mix. It even has vegetarian options, a luxury in Bogotá.

I love the juices, specially those that mix peppermint with fruits like strawberry of pineapple, creating really refreshing beverages.

Zatar it’s worth it, because its bravery to play with traditional flavours and having one of the best services I know.


Carrera 5 Nº 69-15. Chapinero Alto. Bogotá