Suddenly On the Net! Welcome!

Hello there, hello world!

Welcome to our very first post on what is meant to be a blog of traveling experiences. We are mainly based in Barcelona and Madrid in Spain, covering Europe as our handiest destination, but willing to travel further and share it with you. Most of us already lived and worked in some other countries, which allows us to acquire a good bunch of inspiring recommendations and a feeling of reaching our environment when traveling.

We focus on smart and spontaneous traveling. The one following the instinct of locals. It is more about moving around wisely and on how to get to local stuff more than check all “must sees” of any new place. Our tips are not ours, are those from locals. And well, we travel on a “smart budget”, not just “on budget”, which brings some much more comfort.

We also remain independent on all our comments and posts, as our will is to generate a trustful resource for those on the way to any new exciting destination. Feel free to comment, like, tweet, pin… any of the information posted in this blog, as it is the best way you can support us.

Welcome on board and thanks!


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