Hidden Gem Viana do Castelo: Confeitaria A Brasileira

Founded by brazilian emigrants in 1902 and rescued from the past of time by Portuguese emigrants from France in 2004, who arrived loaded with knowledge in French Pâtisserie and changed forever this old café in Viana’s city centre.

So in addition to the best Pasteis de nata one can find outside Lisbon, we can find a tasty assortment of French delicacies that can easily be measured with those of a Parisian Pâtisserie.

We specially recommend the Framboisine a delicious chocolate and raspberry cake, the coffee eclairs and the Sidonios with its particular almond taste. In fact these were invented here, in Confeitaria A Brasileira and are made of almond and eggs, a combination with a particularly unforgettable taste that’s highly addictive.

Rua Sacadura Cabral, 25,

Viana do Castelo, Portugal

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