Tiny, Little ice cream parlours, each one with its own charm, filled with ice lollies (popsicles) of all sorts of flavours; from tropical fruits to chocolate and whisky cream, scattered around key points in Bogotá, like Zona G, Zona T or Parque el Virrey.

La Paletteria.

La Paletteria.

This particular spot is located in the highly famous Zona G (G for Gourmet), a place that has some of the best restaurants in the city, like Bistronomy by the Raush brothers. Is outside in the garden of a low building, in a street full of big trees and a rather comfortable sidewalk to sit on. We  had the fortune of having wonderful days while in Bogotá that allow us to eat our ice lollies while taking a stroll or siting right there with a warm sun on the sky (and yes, we’ve been there a couple or more times, ups).

Although there is another branch of La Palettería in Parque el Virrey, a little green lung tucked between some of the city’s most congested roads, but that it hasn’t lost its charm as a local neighbourhood park. Ice lollies and a stroll, the sun and Bogotá, perfect match.

La Paletteria.

La Paletteria.

The ones you cannot miss…

Dulce de leche recubierto de chocolate blanco, Dulce de leche covered in white chocolate.

Fresa con hierbabuena, strawberry with peppermint.

Maracuya recubierto de chocolate blanco, Passion fruit covered in White chocolate.

* Just about every flavour covered in White chocolate, trust me.


La Palettería

Zona G: Calle 70 No. 4 -83.

Parque el Virrey: Calle 87 con carrera 15.