Hidden between Las Torres del Parque, one of Bogota’s most important urban milestones, we find Andante Pan y Café and its incredible breakfasts and a small and unpretentious menu with fresh products of the highest quality. Even though its Italian ruts, Colombia is everywhere to be found in its food. Like the giant, juicy and brightly yellow sweet corn, that when combined with eggs, cheese, the traditional Colombian hot chocolate and the straight out of the oven bread becomes a symphony of flavours and textures that is just unforgettable. But its location is the main reason why it is today’s hidden secret. Like I said before is sheltered in a little square just in skirts of Las Torres del Parque, a place you cannot miss in one of Bogota’s most fascinating and cultural neighbourhoods, La Macarena. An itinerary you can’t miss is having one of Andante’s exquisite breakfast and then having a stroll along the 7th avenue (La Septima), a historic street that goes through the city, where you can find very interesting architecture and a really good taste of Bogotá. Do it on a Sunday when the avenue becomes massive park where everyone goes biking or roller skating or just to walk without the smoke and noise of everyday traffic. Andante Pan y Café Carrera 5 # 26-57, Torres del Parque. Bogotá, Colombia.

Andante Pan y Café. Bogotá                                                    Andante Pan y Café. Bogotá